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About Us


The story of the Civil Service Employees Association Credit Union began on November 26, 1937 when 10 civil service employees held the first board of directors meeting. These individuals joined with 29 other shareholders and founding members to form a financial cooperative to benefit all civil service employees. Since then, the credit union has expanded to provide financial services to all city of Cleveland employees and their families. The credit union currently serves more than 2,000 members at its branch located in Cleveland’s City Hall building and holds 6.5 million in assets.

CSEACU is proud of serving its membership consistently for more than 75 years and will continue to do so with great services and competitive rates.

What is a credit union?

The credit union philosophy is people helping people. A credit union is a not-for-profit organization owned by all of its members. Credit unions focus on helping their members save, borrow and receive affordable financial services.

Usually, credit unions offer higher savings rates and lower fees. Credit unions are also known for providing personal service and helping members plan for the future.

You can join a credit union based on where you and your family live, work, worship, or the associations you or your family belong to.

How is a credit union different from a bank?

A credit union is a not-for-profit organization owned by all of its members while a bank is a for profit business owned by a small group of people.

While the ownership is different. Credit unions can provide all of the same financial services as a traditional bank.

Who can become a member of CSEACU?

The Civil Services Employees Association Credit Union is open to all employees of the city of Cleveland and their families.