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The Civil Service Employees Association Credit Union is extending its initial set of services by starting a long-term partnership with bad credit payday loan provider BadCreditCashASAP. The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide CSEACU community with reasonably priced payday loan options any client can apply for. The lenders we ally with strive to make their products a universal financial solution suitable for the widest range of needs and customers.

Our CSEACU family has long been working on enhancing the credit plans we offer but in some urgent cases it is impossible to perform the complete credit application and approval process within the deadlines our customers establish. Similar cases made us provide our customers with an alternative online same day payday loans. The lending service we started partnering with can offer safe support for the worst financial challenges.

The Rates and Fees completely depend on the amount of loan you apply for, your residency, the loan term and other minor elements of your loan contract. Therefore the APR, which is the annual cost of the loan including all fees and interest rate, varies depending on many factors. Some states set the APR starting from 154% and in others it may reach more than 658%.

Before submitting the application form, check the eligibility criteria:

  • Only applicants from 18 years old will be considered
  • Only USA citizens will be considered
  • The applicants will have to provide personal information such as: name, current address, contact data, proof of income and bank account data.

The repayment process consists of simply withdrawing from the bank account the borrowed amount of money plus the established rate interest and fees the consumer agreed to.